Red Bead Experiment Video and Materials

Benjamin Mitchell and I recently ran the Red Bead Experiment at Skills Matter.

We changed the experiment slightly to revolve around a software project rather than a factory:

  • Product Owner and a Project Manager jointly played the role of Foreman
  • A burndown of white beads was referred to
  • Discussion afterwards focused in part on software based projects

A video of the session can be found here.

If you would like to run the session yourself then you may find our script of use, along with the F-Testmotivational posters and lessons. If you would like the spreadsheet that creates the control chart and burndown then please mail me as WordPress wont allow me to upload. You can buy the Red Bead Experiment kit here. Note we also supplied our own plastic box for decanting the beads, a tray to catch spillages, clipboards and pens for the inspectors.

The Transformation Forum run a Red Bead Experiment masterclass for those looking to learn how to run the experiment and meet with others who have done so over many years.