Latest Presentation – 21st Century Portfolio Management

I recently spoke at the LKCE conference in Vienna on 21st Century Portfolio Management. The talk was recorded and is available here It’s about an hour long.

I’ve now presented this material in Madrid, Boston, Tokyo, Vienna, Utrecht, and at various clients around Australia – and each time have found that the contents of the talk has generated a good amount of interest.

The feedback I have been getting, in person after each talk, is that there isn’t a lot out there (in books, articles, blog posts, guidance from agile consultancies etc) on Agile at the portfolio level and beyond, and that much of what I talk about is classed as undiscussables in most organisations.

My shorter Boston talk, that was recorded back in May, has generated over 1000 views (the next most watched being Steve Denning, David Anderson and Don Rienertsen with a few hundred each) which kind of backs this interest up.

The good news is that in Australia we are actually doing what I talk about i.e. it’s not just theory. I hope to publish more on that (and the results) in the future.

4 thoughts on “Latest Presentation – 21st Century Portfolio Management

  1. David

    Anyone who’s really understood Kanban and Lean’s concept of an end to end value stream would see Portfolio Management as a natural home for Kanban, whether it considers MMFs to be individual functional components, or what we might traditionally view as projects. I’ve been singing that song for 2 years now (albeit internally).

    I suspect there’s little published because ‘our people’ often don’t have enough credibility/seniority yet to change how enterprise portfolios are run to provide the solid case studies you’d need.

    It’s my goal for the next 2 years to get those case studies & publish:-)

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